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Robert Peter Williams, known as Robbie Williams (Stoke-on-Trent, February 13, 1974) is a British singer-songwriter and musician.

He began his musical career in 1990 as a member of Take That, which soon became one of the most successful and renowned bands of the period. He left Take That in 1995 to begin a career as a soloist. Although it does not enjoy great popularity in the United States, sales of its publications touching over 75 million copies, placing eight albums and six singles in the top of the UK charts and received numerous awards and victories, including 15 times those of the BRIT Awards . In 2004 he was inducted into the “UK Music Hall of Fame” and elected the most important British artist of the nineties.
Since 2010 he has also become a part of its historical band for a little over a year, recording an album and taking part in a world tour.
Williams entered the Guinness Book of Records for having sold 1.6 million tickets in one day for the world tour of 2006.

Robbie wanted to leave the UK and now lives in Los Angeles, California. He is married to television actress Ayda Field August 6, 2010.

The rumors about his ambiguous sexuality and her romantic life are rampant in the British media. A Williams like to encourage the image of the sweet “womanizer” and there are many testimonies which circulated widely on the Internet, which would be written by his sexual partners, extolling his considerable skills as a lover. Also, sometimes called a fan from the audience in his live performances, their dancing and that a kiss on stage to the tune of “Come Undone”.

Robbie, who, as he told, likes to draw attention, has earned a reputation as one who has removed the barriers of male nudity. Although it is quite common for female celebrities appear scantily clad in the photographs, this is much less common for men. The tendency to pose provocatively Robbie has gone from something like a carefree “performance” of the parties are banned in public (a famous picture with his pants down) of his early career to a more explicit sexual content. In 2004, the German site, founded by her record label to promote his music, has published an alleged picture of a naked Williams with the pubis shown so not really clear. He promised that if a million people had clicked on the photo, the area would have been made more clear and would be revealed nudity. Once you fill the area, it emerged that Robbie actually holding a sort of do it in front of his real genitals, so they could not be seen, 24 hours later this was covered by a crop miniature cover of his album.

He later said in interviews with the press that deep in your heart you consider a naturist / nudist, jokingly commenting that “will eventually become one of those dads who embarrasses” his children.

He had problems with depression, has written about his dependence on antidepressants in 2005. In his documentary Nobody Someday (2001), repeatedly mocked his eccentric behavior and smurf on stage and warned that the personality and the “brand” of Popstar Robbie Williams was a deception that he felt more and more as a fact that made him uneasy . In more recent documentary showed the intention of becoming an artist credible in the eyes of the music press more serious.
Crowd for the Robbie Williams concert in Berlin in 2006

Much of the success of Robbie Williams can be attributed to his personality and cheeky irreverent and ironic sensibility. This is perhaps the main reason why it failed to impress in the United States.